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Optimum Butch Brown 9" Thumper Tail

Brand: Optimum Baits
Product Code: 9" Thumper Tail
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                                      Optimum :  Butch Brown Thumper Tail 9" / 5.2oz Swimbait
Butch is very adept at modifying and tuning his swimbaits to lake conditions and has been working in collaboration with Optimum Bait Co. to impart his 30-plus years of swimbait knowledge.

Marked by a number of signature features, the Optimum Butch Brown Thumper Tail comes pre-rigged with a 60lb wire harness and a VMC Round Bend Treble that sits flush in a molded groove along the head.

At the belly, a second hook hanger allows anglers to add a stinger hook, if desired.

For most, a 10lb largemouth is a fish of a lifetime… Butch Brown has caught over 1500, making him one of the most decorated authorities on big bass. His keen attention to detail has been combined with Optimum’s hand-pouring process to produce the ultimate trophy lure. Offered in an array of highly detailed colors, the Optimum Butch Brown Thumper Tail utilizes Butch’s vast swimbait expertise to give anglers one of the most highly anticipated lures of all time.

Swimbait features:

-Pre-rigged with 60b wire harness top hook
-Top hook alignment groove
-Assist hook wiring system
-Optimum Baits thumping boot tail
-Maintenance is required to accommodate your fishing style and needs. Inspect often and it is always best to re-crimip and change to a new hook after catching fish.

Optimum  Length Weight
Butch Brown Thumper Tail 9"  5.2oz