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Catching Concepts Super Bee Jr

Brand: Catching Concepts
Product Code: Super Bee Jr
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Catching Concepts Redwood Crankbaits
Super Bee Jr is a new for 2015 series, a smaller 2 inch version of the original Super Bee with all the same moves, just in a smaller size!

This series, the SUPER BEE Jr is made of heartwood redwood, is a fat 3/4 inch thick flat sided lure approx 2 inches body length. Line tie and hook hangers are brass, uses square 1 inch shallow fiber board diving lip much like classic Bagley BB baits. Oval split ring, premium SHARP Mustad KVD trebles, Select heartwood redwood. Quality handcrafted and custom painted in my hottest pearl colors topped with tough epoxy coating.

 This bait will run from surface to about 4 ft depending on line diameter and length of cast/ speed of retrieve. has a varied action dependent on speed of retrieval, from a wide waking the surface wobble that just crawls the top begging to be eaten, to a tight hard thumping rhythmic swing that dances and deflects well off cover.

 Being much thicker than most flat sided cranks and made of select highly buoyant redwood, these baits will work the shallows with a great presence just begging to be noticed. The Catching Concepts style beveled back on this bait gives it a whole new vibration emitting signature in the water fish haven't felt before, and when cranked down and stopped the beveled back actually causes the bait to wobble side to side as it rises to the surface. Backs away from cover well after contact if paused and allowed to rise on a semi tight line, Caution, bone jarring strikes may occur at this point!
 Hold the rod tip high, slow crank and wake this one along the surface for heart stopping strikes, or crank it thru your favorite heavy structure infested shallows and see what you have been missing!