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Catching Concepts PC2

Brand: Catching Concepts
Product Code: PC2
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Catching Concepts  -  PC2

Product Description

This PC2 series is a flat sided bait weighs 1/2 ounce with a body length of 2.5 inches, much in the profile of the old Bagley B FLAT2 style crank, but is made of redwood and weighted just right.  The square lip is made of lexan and is actually original old stock Bagley KB2 style lips.  Separate brass line tie is in the nose of crankbait.

Properties of dense heartwood redwood and weighting allow slower rise than balsa crankbaits of this style.  It is easily weighted with spots or sticky lead to allow any rise or suspend without hurting action.   The small, squared diving lip runs approx 1 to 4 foot depending on line size, and speed of retrieve.

The PC2 gives a hard vibration and really great flash.  This is a very versatile crankbait, and can be used as a rip bait, finessed, or can be fished like a trap to cover water.