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IMA Square Bill

Brand: IMA
Product Code: Square Bill
Availability: 50

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The IMA Square Bill has a stubby, rounded body, bold eyes, a lexan lip and two sticky-sharp #6 hooks that’ll nab even the short-strikers. It runs about 2-3 feet deep on typical cranking tackle, weighs 3/8ths of an ounce and is  available in nine colors.

The beauty of the ima Square Bill is it’s really three or four baits in one. While some other square bills are good burned, others are at their best when they’re waked or twitched. Some do well deflecting off cover while others are best in open water. The ima Square Bill can match each attribute and talent, with no weakness. My favorite is to mix it ALL up on a single retrieve, going “from twitching to waking, to reeling it down to three feet to burning it.” It’s not just a jack-of-all-trades – it’s a master of each one, too. BASS Elite Angler, Bill Lowen