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Picasso Shad Walker

Brand: Picasso Lures
Product Code: Shad Walker
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The Picasso Shad Walker takes your frog fishing to a new category.

It is designed to mimic an injured baitfish and is completely weedless. Walk The Dog over the thickest of slop, grass, and vegetation like no frog can do. It really shines in open water where it is more effective then a plastic frog and can be twitched, killed or Walk The Dog in a wide sweeping side –to - side action that teases the fish and pulls them from cover for vicious strikes. The versatility of this bait is endless.

Gone are the days of fish pulling a lure down by its legs causing empty strikes. With the Shad Walkers legless, soft body design, a fish has no choice but to get the hooks in its mouth, which means greater hook-ups. Sitting higher in the water than a frog it can be fished in rougher water conditions without losing its action or losing site of the bait.

The Shad Walker is 4” long, weighs 1/2 ounce , comes one per pack