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Brand: Elite Bass
Product Code: Stinky & Stinker Stik
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* EliteBait_Stiks- Color:

STINKER STIK (Red) and STINKY STIK ( Orange)  Both names trademarks registered with US Pat & Tm Office.

This ever happen to you?  Take your boat out to your favorite cat fish Hole, or carry all your cat fishing tackle and baits out to the end of the pier or dock,

or stranded on a long streatch of mud and sand. You're rigged up, open your favorite Punch Bait, Dip Bait, Stink Bait jars and all of them say" find a stick and----".

Guess what, there are none around!!!!! NO STICKS TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE NEAR YOU!!!!!! BUT THE CATS ARE READY TO BITE  #%#&*#@@@.

The new Stinker Stik and Stinky Stik are made to carry with your tackle and baits. They help you mix, dip, punch, plunge and stir your baits and hooks.

All this and there is no need to find that old stick laying around. You know that one that keeps breaking and is hard to find while you should be fishing.

These new bait sticks are brightly colored to help you find them fast, if dropped in the water they float,  they are stiff to aid in stirring you bait and pushing your hooks down in them,

the smooth finish aids in wipe & clean up of the stick, It even has two types of hook removers, The "V" on one end aids in pushing you hooks down into stink baits and helps removal of single hooks,

the rounded contoured end is for removing trible hooks from inside the catfish. Products are 5.88" long

*************Comes 1 per package and is available in two colors *****************************