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Brand: Mend-It
Product Code: Mend-it
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Mend-it!   "as good as new"

Now in glass jar for extended life and with built-in application brush. Repair all soft baits: Worms, Senkos, Trailers, Lizards, Swimbaits and more! Mend-It! is not a glue! Mend-It! simply re-catalyzes the plastic. Mend-It! does not leave hard spots in your bait like super-glues do, Mend-It! keeps your baits soft and natural as if they were new again. Mend-It! doesn’t stick to your fingers, only to your soft plastic baits. Mend-It! leaves no residue at all and most repairs are invisible!

Mend-It soft plastic mender has changed the soft plastics game forever.  The special formula  is designed to mend and repair soft plastic without leaving your baits stiff and crunchy.  Simply place a drop of Mend-It on the plastic tear, hold it closed, and your in business.  If you throw swimbaits, you would be crazy to not have Mend-It on hand, as it will give you 10 times the life of your baits by being able to repair any tears.  You can also use the glue to custom create different plastic baits by attaching different pieces together. If you fish Senkos you know how quick they can tear after a fish or two. Don't throw that bait away Mend-It!

Available in

1 oz  ( approx 800 baits)

1/2 oz  (approx 400 baits)

1/20 oz  ( new "I want to try it out" size. Good for about 20 baits)