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Pepper-Commando Buzzbait

Brand: Pepper Custom Baits
Product Code: Commando Buzzbait
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Pepper Commando Buzzbaits

The Commando Buzzbait is a specialty buzzbait designed specifically for fishing the buzzbait/swimbait combination that is widely understood to be a big bass bait. Pepper Custom Baits designed the Commando Buzzbait to meet the current trend in bass fishing of attaching a swimbait as a buzzbait trailer. Constructed around a super strong wire, this buzzbait possesses a premium prop blade, high quality silicone skirt and a Trokar Spring Lock Hook. The last ingredient, the Trokar hook, is perhaps the most significant element as it enables anglers to rig the swimbait weedless. The weedless presentation increases the lure's versatility, opening Pandora's box to fishable cover not usually suitable for most buzzbaits - grass, reeds and wood are no longer inaccessible. Furthermore, the weight distribution of the buzzbait is ideal. Anglers with experience fishing a buzzbait are well aware of the casting issues that may occur due to the typical buzzbaits awkward profile, moreover, throw in even a slight breeze and the prop starts inhibiting casting distance and accuracy. The Commando Buzzbait provides enough weight to cast effectively in any conditions. Getting the buzzbait on plane is hastened by the ideally shaped buzzbait head that provides sufficient surface area to reach the surface quickly and remain there throughout the retrieve. Each package includes a swimbait produced as the perfect compliment for this specific buzzbait. Additionally, a Gamakatsu feathered treble hook is included with each buzzbait; the treble hook can be added when the fish are short striking the buzzbait - with or without the swimbait attached.The Pepper Custom Baits Commando Buzzbait weighs in at 1/2oz and is available in several excellent colors.

Commando Buzzbait Includes


  • Single blade buzzbait
  • Ringed swimbait
  • Trokar Spring-Lock Hook
  • Gamakatsu #2 feathered trailer