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The Ardent Reel Kleen Cleaning Kit #4000A provides the angler everything needed for the kind of complete reel maintenance that's critical to high performance and long life in any model reel. Routine cleaning and proper lubrication ensures every model of reel performs at its peak capacity. The kit is..
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Ardent Smart Cull No more markers or charts to lose or replace. No more reweighing or extra handling - stressing out the fish. The Ardent SmartCull Pro Culling System is the first-of-its-kind and what every tournament angler has been waiting for. The two-stage system allows you to cull by col..
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Rejuvenade®    "Next Generation"  by  BassMedics Rejuvenade Next Generation is patent pending formulation of essential components, scientifically formulated to address problems associated with the catch and release of bass and other gamefish in tournament situations. It..
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BassMedics  -  BaitFresh® "Next Generation Bait Tank Formula" A Revolutionary bait activator and bait tank/well formula designed to sustain and re-energize fresh and saltwater bait species (minnows, shad, bait shrimp, crawfish, pinfish, bull minnows, herring, gizzard shad, carp a..
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The new EliteBass EB Flip-N-Punch Skirts are great for those days when you need more mass to stir the big ones into a reaction strike. Use the skirts when punching into heavy grass or when just flipping.  The skirts are wired onto the internal bead so they stay on. Position the skirt betwe..
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EB-GTR-8  ( Glass)  or   EB-ATR-8 (Aluminum) EliteBass Glass and Aluminum Rattles for soft tube baits. 7mm diameter glass  or aluminum with one rounded end and one flanged end.  Inside are  2 loud steel ball bearings in the glass for just the right sound and one b..
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JJ's Magic dippin' dye solution with garlic scent  :   Designed so you can customize your soft plastic bait.  JJ's magic penetrates your soft plastic bait with color and a garlic scent. JJ's Magic comes in: Chartreuse, Methylate, Blue, Red and Clear Chartreuse is your most ..
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Mend-it!   "as good as new" Now in glass jar for extended life and with built-in application brush. Repair all soft baits: Worms, Senkos, Trailers, Lizards, Swimbaits and more! Mend-It! is not a glue! Mend-It! simply re-catalyzes the plastic. Mend-It! does not leave hard spots in your bait l..
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Hand made in the USA. Plasma cut 16 gauge carbon steel then rusted for that rustic outdoors look. Great for home, garage, fishing room, lodge or office. Got Fish   5.5" x 6.5" Bait Shop  5.5" x 7" Born To Fish  5.5" x 11.5" Gone Fishin..
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Casting Rod Lengths: After working with rods from several different manufacturers with many different rod handle configurations, we are confident we have the two best standard length choices in the market. The two lengths available are: the 5.25' Standard Model, which is for a gr..
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Developed by Elite BASS Angler Fred Roumbanis “With so many uses, these beads have revolutionized my tournament fishing. I use them for everything: Splitshotting & Shaky Heading, improving Punch Weights & Carolina Rigs. These beads are incredibly sensitive and responsive.” - Fred Roumbani..
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Save Phace's   Just ILL  Series Feature:  Note: Some Save Phace items may come direct from Factory and will take a few extra days to deliver.   Comes with Light Smoke Lens Protective high gloss clear coat Tough, durable abs plastic Interchangeable poly..
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Phenomenal Phace Protection AND Phabulous Look! These SUM's (Sports Utility Masks) are da bomb! Comes with a LIGHT SMOKED lens. BAG SOLD SEPARATELY. Save Phace's   Simply Sick  Series Feature:  Note: Some Save Phace items may come direct from Factory and will take a..
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Product :    The G-Force Equalizer Trolling Motor lift assist for Motorguide gator mounts from TH Marine ( formerly distributed by R2 Marine) Designed by Robbie Patterson at Propeller Dynamics. The Equalizer is  a trolling motor assist system that is a must ..
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VMC   X - Rap Tail - Dressed Hooks Perfect for upgrading the rear trebles on your favorite lure, the VMC X-Rap Tail Treble Hooks feature premium natural feathers spliced with highly reflective mylar fibers. Constructed from strong Hi Carbon Cut Steel, the hooks are also equipped wi..
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Rod Glove Pro Series - Standard fit The Standard  Pro Series Casting Neoprene Rubber Rod Glove is 5.25 feet in length and is designed to fit fishing rods measuring up to 7.5 feet in length. Its high quality Neoprene construction provides the very best in fishing rod protection. Great fo..
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STINKER STIK (Red) and STINKY STIK ( Orange)  Both names trademarks registered with US Pat & Tm Office. This ever happen to you?  Take your boat out to your favorite cat fish Hole, or carry all your cat fishing tackle and baits out to the end of the pier or dock, o..
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Here is the latest addition to our line of innovative add on accessories.  The many unique features of the patent pending G-Force Eliminator Nut helps dampen trolling motor prop noise and vibrations. The 6061 billet aluminum design also helps in heat dissipation. Key Eliminator Benefits: ..
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G-Force Equalizer Trolling Motor Assist - Spacer set 1" thick - 2 pieces ..
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