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  !!!!!!FREE SHIPPING ON THIS ITEM!!!!!!!!! Elite Bass' 9 FOOT LONG, KICKER STIK is a custom designed, chambered graphite ,push pole/stake-out stik. The product fits together to form a lightweight, multi-use, graphite bass'n stick that floats. Two 4' 6"  sections screw..
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The Extension Stik is a graphite pole used to attach to the Kicker Top stik. This will add lenght to your Kicker Stik push pole. The stick is a full floating, chambered section with metal joints on both ends, 4ft-6inch long and 1.5" diameter pole. ..
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The Soft Foot is unique multi-use, floating, removable foot used in push poling in sand or mud. It has other uses such as a docking aid or as a lure retreiver(both in trees and underwater). Twist your line into the unique specially designed line guide and it will lead your pole down to your stuck lu..
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  EliteBass Kicker Stik Spike Aluminum screw-in spike for the end of the Kicker Stik. Used as a temporary stake-out for your boat, kayak or pontoon. Also great for push poling in hard lake bottoms and around rocks. ..
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A floating slip-on protector that covers your Stake-out spike. ..
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Stake-Out Mallet: Great when you use the Kicker Stik Push Pole as a stake out stik. Use it to hammer the stake out into mud and sand for use as a temporary stake-out for you boat. Tie off your stik to your trolling motor for great sight fishing.  Color options are  WHITE or&nb..
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The nylon stake-out rope is 7 ft long and has a hook on one end that allows you to hook it to the top eye bolt of the Kicker Stik Push Pole then attach the loose end to your boat. Tie to your trolling motor usually gives you great positioning while site fishing. ..
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Top Stik of the graphite KICKERSTIK push pole has an enlarged plastic end cap with an eye bolt. This makes staking out and pulling out easier. The large end also aids makes it easier on your hands to pole and stake. At the other end is a metal threaded end joint. The joint can be used with a spike, ..
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