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Optimum 3" Furbit Frogs

Brand: Optimum Baits
Product Code: Furbit Frogs
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Furbit top water frogs from Optimum

Optimum Baits Furbit Frog: A top water floating bait that is 3.25" long and weights 5/8oz.It's two legs are soft strips of real rabbit fur. Furbit's legs ripple and flutter in a manner that synthetic rubber or plastic legs never will.The long soft thin rabbit fur legs flutter and shudder, wriggling in an S-like movement of the two tails. When you move Furbit in short stops and starts, the many individual hair fibers puff out separately and then pull in tight again, like a breathing action. Nothing artificial even comes close. As if its rabbit fur legs weren't unique enough, Furbit also comes with a ball bearing swivel and Colorado spinner blade attached beneath it. The Colorado blade adds flash, vibration and best of all, the small blade causes Furbit the Frog's entire body to tremble uncontrollably due to the blade's vibration. Comes with extra sharp Owner hooks.