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A and M Baits Hooker Head Jigs in weights and sizes from 1/8oz to 1/2oz.. Shapes of Round and Football head available and in hook size of 3/0 , 4/0 and 5/0 sizes. Great for shaky head or Texas rigging.These unique jigheads are featured in the Feb 2011 issue of Bassmaster magazine..
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MESU  Bait  Company   --  Brent Chapman Flutter Spoon This is the exact spoon blank that Brent Chapman used to win on Toledo Bend.  It comes with a great 1/0 Laser Sharp treble hook attached to the spoon with two snap rings (an Elite secret to help keep those bass hooked ..
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BOOM BOOM PLUS JIG by Pepper Baits and Bassmaster Elite Pro Fred Roumbanis  This is a new take on one of our existing heads and comes in three large sizes of 1/2oz, 3/4oz and 1oz.  We started with Fred’s Swim jig head and cast a wire that runs along the bottom shank of the hook with a l..
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PEPPER CUSTOM JIGS - Fred's Swim Jig Jig was designed to come thru heavy cover due to the narrow nose shape and the vertical line tie.  It swims great due to shape and flutes on bottom of jig head.  It can be still stopped and dropped to the bottom, with the flat surface on the belly it..
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Picasso's new light weight  Smartmouth Fish Head jigs.  Made to look and swim like real fish while hooked onto your umbrella rig or used as a stand alone swim jig. Made with # 4/0  or  # 5/0 Mustad  3X strong hooks or the 4/0 Gamakatsu hook :   ..
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Entice fish with the Wahoo Jig 'N Shad 3/4 oz. Jigging Spoon that is designed for freshwater use. Great for attracting bass, walleye, striped bass and sea trout, the bait is designed with a lifelike appearance and treble hooks to help secure your catches.This fish-tempting visual enticement doe..
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The X-Lock by Xcite Baits is the hottest jig head out there. Never before have you been able to shakey head large plastics. The X-Lock Shakey Jig System is adding a new dimension to you fishing arsenal.  Try the Xcite MaXimus 10.5 floating worm on our 5/8oz jig and see it stand straight up..
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The Zappu Jighead Inch Wacky is made from 97% Tungsten.Greater castability,fish deeper water, stay incontact wth the bottom easier, creates wicked irregular actions, extremely sharp Vanfook hook. 1/16oz - 3 per pack -with weed guard 3/32oz - 3 per pack -with weed guard 3/32oz - 4 per p..
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The Diamond Heads don't just stand up, they stand out! These heads are unique in shape and function. The flat face design allows the heads to be used as a swim head causing the trailers to roll back n forth and the the trailer's tail to lick vibrantly displacing more water. These heads can also be u..
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