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Catching Concepts PC3

Brand: Catching Concepts
Product Code: PC3
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Catching Concepts bass crankbaits, the PC-3 are hand made from select California redwood. All have high quality components, Lexan rounded diving lip, brass line tie in nose of bait with oval split ring, and sharp bronze Mustad short shank size 2 trebles. Baits are finished in tough epoxy clear coatings.

The PC-33 flat sided bait with a body length of 3” ,  much in the profile of a chunkier crank like the old Bagley B3 style crank but is a thin flat sided, ½” thick redwood and weighted just right. Lexan rounded small lip creates nice thob and wobble and a great pronounced roll and tail kick in this large bodied crank. Shallow diving lip runs approx 1 to 6 foot depending on line size.

Note This is a large profile bodied diving crank, please note size in pic compared to quarter, this crank is deeper thru the belly than most anything available. Shaped like a large forage prey such as shad or bream, these cranks really move the water and will get noticed.

Lip angle makes for a wider wobble and much more vibration and flash, really "trips" over brush and structure well without hanging up, good throb while slow crawled, bang it off brush and stumps and hang on!

This one fits in well as a shallow water probing crank for many situations. Burn this one through areas you might normally fish a blade or trap and give 'em something different to eat! This bait has a swing in its swim that just begs to be eaten! If you throw big thumper blade spinnerbaits, one ounce traps, super spooks and big swimbaits, this is your new cranking tool!

This one is no wimpy crank, if cranking big baits for serious bites is your thing, this is your new tool! if you are looking for that bait to add those couple kicker fish that the other guys always beat you by, this is the bait... If you are looking for a numbers bait, try one of the smaller cranks...