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PH Custom Balsa Wood Lure------The Skinny P ~~This is our #1 go to cold water crank-bait.  This is a skinny thin, flat bait with a tight wobble much like a shad wrap.  It casts very well even in high winds.  The Skinny P is 2 1/2 inches long and weighs approximately 3/8 oz.&nbs..
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The Rapala® DT® Series DT06 Crankbait that is made from balsa wood for durability. The internal weights, tapered fuselage and thin tail work to attract fish and ensure the lure will dive quickly and stay in the strike zone. Features and Benefits •Ideal for casting in freshwater for bass, walleye..
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Scatter Rap 11 Minnow When Rapala’s Scatter Rap® series was introduced in 2013, the fishing world fell for it hook, line and sinker. Its signature non-rattling, aggressive, evasive, erratic action perfectly mimics a spooked bait fish fleeing for its life. Big fish can’t resist it and anglers are ..
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Rapala Skitter Prop 07 size A natural extension of the wildly successful Skitter Pop, the Rapala® Skitter Prop® is a floating balsa lure featuring a water-churning stainless steel propeller that sputters like a wounded baitfish in trouble and then dives and rolls like no other. Try the jerk then ..
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The Rapala X-Rap Prop was designed by Rapala pro staffers like Bernie Schultz, who make their living fishing prop baits. Featuring Rapala-exclusive, counter-rotating blades that spin in opposite directions, it spits and gurgles with the slightest movement. Rapala also added some extra weight to it, ..
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Custom painted vintage originals (old new stock)  Fred Arbogast wooden AC PlugSwimbaits. T-O-T (Tricked Out Tackle) found some Orginal Fred Arbogast 9-1/2" long, 3.5oz , wooden  A.C.Plugs that are no longer in producion and still  in original..
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T-O-T  ( Tricked-Out-Tackle )  are custom painted lures that EliteBass has had painted from various painters and lure manufacturers.    Most are from unbranded lure manufacturers but of high quality. Some are from known lure manufactures, whom we list on the lur..
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Premium UnBranded Top Water Poppper / Bubbler  Only one each of the custom painted colors available from Tricked-Out-Tackle (TOT) All of them come with rear feathered treble hooks. Available in 3" and 2" sizes. ..
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The Yellow Magic Popper : A premier Japanese topwater bait that is crafted using cutting-edge techniques and meticulous attention to detail. The results are in its performance, and a reason it is known throughout the bassin' world for its incredible balance and action. The Yellow Magi..
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